Matt Jones, your UCP candidate for Calgary-South East

Matt has called Calgary his home since he was seven years old. He and his wife Tarena have lived in Auburn Bay since 2011 where they are raising their four children.  As a husband and father, Matt has become increasingly concerned about the direction Alberta is heading under the NDP.

Matt is an investment banker and has spent the last 9 years helping Alberta-based businesses with their growth plans, financial transactions, and attracting investment. He has seen first-hand the damage that the NDP’s poor policy, over-taxation, layers of red tape, and lack of pipelines have done to our economy.

Matt holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential and is committed to using his financial and business background to create the investment climate businesses need to succeed.

Matt is tired of seeing the NDP’s mismanagement of our tax dollars.  Matt looks forward to working with Jason Kenney and the United Conservative team to ensure Albertans and their children have the jobs and opportunities that a strong economy provides.